Fight your inner demons- A repost

I am sharing this post from 5 August 2019 as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback

There are sometimes little prompting in our ears. Are they the little angels guiding us or the tiny devils trying to lead us astray? Living is all about deciding our path at the crossroads of the journey. When we are making the decision of going down a particular path, it is where we pause and listen to the inner voice that is guiding us, usually towards the best decision that should be taken. But not always! Sometimes there are other forces at work leading us on a wrong path!

Being in control of our inner feelings is not always possible. All people have a Good and a Bad ( or not so good )side to their natures. The predominant nature in our psyche has the stronger hold over our thinking and actions.

The two natures are at war constantly with each other for domination over our minds. And it depends upon us as to which side we let out. In our weaker moment the monster comes through easily. The monster (not a literal sense), is that of aggravation of our temper, selfishness, rudeness and other demons that are usually under the control of of better nature. We can plead fatigue, overwork or even being hungry as a cause of this reaction but in reality it’s a loss of control.

The monster trapped inside doesn’t always gets its way. The good side often rules the day. But when we are in a vulnerable position, like being tired or angry, the chances of these demons getting a free ride increase. The bad thing about the loss of control is that it leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth and there maybe be some guilt trips for us on hindsight.

How to control your inner demons;

1. Think logically, and avoid all impulsive actions. Punching someone in the face may look very attractive at the moment by will have long ranging consequences, and not of the least important to your fist!

2. Take five, or even ten minutes to calm down. A time lapse and deep breathing can work wonders for the nature of reaction. The adage, “Act in hurry and repent at leisure” should be kept in mind at these occasions.

3. Try to see the view from the other side. It is true that in heated moments, we cannot think in a rational manner but seeing the view from the other side can help us understand where the ” other guy” is coming from. As they say that everyone is “Right” in a fight.

So here’s to advocating peace and serenity all around. Remember to keep your impulses under control and that would make your mind peaceful too. As the aftermath of these incidents is not very pleasant.

Let me know what you think about this post. Waiting for your feedback and comments.




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