Tale Weaver – #291 – Flag – 3rd September.

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver


This week consider the word FLAG.

You can use it as a noun as in: “We all stood proudly beneath the flag a symbol of our belonging.”

As a verb: “His behaviour flagged him as a liability to our cause.”

Set your mind thinking on this prompt and go have fun.


Okay, I surrender

Can you see me waving this white flag

I give up and you win, I did try

I tried very hard to make you see

The error of your ways and the folly of your conduct

But I have finally realized that it is no use

I married you for the person you were

And if I change you to the person I want you to be

It will not be love or acceptance

So I give up and you can be yourself my darling

But it would be nice if once in a while you’d clean up after yourself

I will appreciate it greatly!



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