5 Things for Tuesday- Kitchen essentials

Tanya is hosting this prompt;

5 Things You Absolutely Need In Your Kitchen.

• A means to cook food like a hot plate, oven, or gas burners.

Four me, someplace to cook food is essential. I cannot Di it in a microwave. So a nice cooking range, either electric or gas is a must. A hot plate would work as well.

• Spices rack, well-stocked.

What’s food without spices! Salt and pepper aside, I need other spices and herbs too. Turmeric, red chilies coriander powder and garam masala are the standard spices we use in our dishes. Dried herbs and always handy in the kitchen too.

• Food staples like rice, pasta, and flour

A carb addict needs carbs on a daily basis. So I need an adequate supply of rice, flour, and pasta in my kitchen. Lentils are also part of our Asian diet so that is a must too.

• Sharp knives and cutting board, pots and pans

Though I often manage to injure myself during cooking but I still advocate sharp knives and a good cutting board. It does help if you have a box grater, a peeler, and other sharp objects that help you slice and dice.

• My favorite recipe book

Over the years I have accumulated a few recipe books. I even have a couple that belonged to my mom. I know younger people like to get their recipes from the net but old foggies like me stick to our trusted and often tried recipe books.

Thank you Tanya for this prompt.



12 thoughts on “5 Things for Tuesday- Kitchen essentials

  1. Good group of things to have in the kitchen. Only thing I might add would be well stocked collection of containers in different sizes. I am forever trying to get a bowl that is the right size for a side dish. They seems to always be too big or too little.

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