Sunday Writing Prompt – 30th August – Discovery

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt this week

This week write about a discovery.

It could be one within your experience, something about yourself, discovering love and or heartbreak, a place or person you visited that exceeded expectations or a fantasy discovery


Discovering myself

Life is a journey of discovery

Being born totally clueless we start to learn

Step by baby step we gain the knowledge of living

Listening and understanding, then learning to say words

The school teaches us much more and yet we desire more

Knowledge that can be gained by higher studies or working experience

But this process of discovery should never stop

There are still a million things we need to find out

About the world and people around us and better still

We can explore our own selves and the mysteries hidden inside of us

Contrary to what we think, we really don’t know all about our potential

We can surprise ourselves if we plunge deep into our minds

And bring out the pearls of talent and wisdom hidden there




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