Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday- 29 August’20

Linda is the host of Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “more than a hundred.” Write your post inspired by something you have more than a hundred of in your home right now. Enjoy!

2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley!


Font of knowledge and wisdom

History, humor or human interest stories

Want diversion or something to while away time

Many bookshelves full of books, old and new

Hundreds of books vying for our attention

Demonstrate the love of reading we all are blessed with

I’ve included the following prompt in this post;





16 thoughts on “Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday- 29 August’20

  1. We have moved several times in recent years and I had to let go of most of our book collection. The local library in my former town was happy to receive them though. When you love books it’s so easy to collect hundreds of them.

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      1. Sadly when we were cleaning the house out we found a few boxes of books in the basement that had gotten wet and ruined… still it was hard to throw away book. Mom and Dad always taught us to respect books and take good care of them.

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