Saturday Symphony- Spirit Animals ?

Jude is the host of Saturday Symphony

Hi guys, welcome to the 8th edition of The Saturday Symphony.



What animal do you most relate to or admire, and why?


I must confess that I never thought about spirit animals!

For this prompt, I have pondered upon the question and I have come to the conclusion that a bird, would be what I would relate to most.

Now it could be a duck with its clumsy walk or a falcon with its independent streak.

Waddling like a clumsy duck

Yet wanting to be graceful like a swan

Independent like an eagle, trying to do everything on my own

Soaring high on air by just the power of my will

Fond of twittering like a sparrow

But also enjoy quiet and introspective time like an owl

I find it hard to select just one bird to relate to

It would be the whole avian family that would be my identity




18 thoughts on “Saturday Symphony- Spirit Animals ?

  1. Very nice comparisons, Sadje. I hadn’t thought of comparing myself to a bird, a butterfly maybe. I love the different birds you chose and your explanations of why you chose them. πŸ™‚

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