Daily Prompts & Friday Fun

Kate has asked us to write; What heals you

She says;

What heals you, brings you back into balance,
makes you feel whole and wholesome?

for me, it’s a combination of meditation, nature, and logophiling 

Share what repairs your tears, your scars, heals your wounds 

in photos or creative writing, delve deep to help others!


Life is tough and often deals you unexpected blows

Each challenge needs me to address it differently

Something new calls for a newer approach

Some times I give a speech to my upset inner-self

When due to a glitch things don’t go as planned

Neither the events nor their cure are stupendous by themselves

But each hiccup can cause my equilibrium to be lopsided

Reeling under the impact I call on my fortitude to right myself

I rely on my faith, my sense of pragmatism and humor

To tide me over to calmer waters till the storms pass away

I have also included the following prompts;


Challenge, New, Upset





Word of the day challenge;





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