Reena’s Exploration Challenge- Illusions

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge



Let it be a theme for the week’s writings. It may not necessarily be about privacy, but the various illusions we live under, and which actually make life bearable. Knowing too much would debilitate our sense of individualism, independence, achievement or glory. It is actually a happy bubble we live in.


Plucking petals from a daisy

Chanting softly under her breath

He loves me, he loves me not… on and on

The reality is writ large on the wall

Yet she chooses to ignore it to live in

That illusion she has created for herself

A comfortable place where she can ignore

The unpleasantness of daily life and hold on to

Her belief that all is well, that her beloved

Dotes on her as much as she loves him

Closing our eyes to what can hurt us

We sometimes chose the bliss of ignorance



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