Blogging Insights- Providing Inspiration

Dr. Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights


How do you think a blogger can inspire others in the blogosphere?


When a new blogger starts to blog they are mostly novices. They learn as they go along. On this journey to f learning, if they find someone to inspire and guide them, then the journey is made easier.

I think there are ways to inspire and motivate others;

Publish helpful tips on your blog;

Not everyone would do this but;

• those blogs which are either non-specific ones, that is they publish all sorts of content on their blogs,

• or those who post stuff only relative to blogging would do this.

Lately, there have been changes made to how we can write and publish our content on WordPress. This has made things quite difficult for some bloggers who are not familiar with the block editor. Many bloggers have taken up this issue. They have also posted how to use this new editor or ways to use the classic editor.

Prolific bloggers inspire others;

When I joined WordPress, I met many bloggers who were great writers and posted many times a day. Teresa of Haunted Wordsmith, Rory of a Guy Called Bloke, and Fandango are a few examples. These bloggers inspired me to write more and try different genres. Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind and Kristian Of Tales from the mind of Kristian are great storytellers and they inspired me to write fiction.


Posting and following different prompts is also a great way to inspire each other. I follow many daily and weekly prompts and host one weekly prompt myself. Prompts help to ignite our creativity and channel our writing into unthought of avenues.

I follow;

3TC by Di

Raggatag daily Prompt


Word of the day challenge




Eugi’s Causerie

Thursday Photo Prompt

Thursday Inspiration

Tale Weaver

And many others.

One can inspire other bloggers by publishing good content;

Good content, both technically and matter-wise, itself is an inspiration to others. If a blogger writes stories, poems, and/or informative posts on their blog, it will inspire your readers to write good and inspiring content!

Thank you Dr.Tanya for these interesting questions.



11 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- Providing Inspiration

  1. Thank you Sadje! Your own blog shows you are a gifted and very talented writer. You are willing to try new things too, so your blog is always fresh. You are an inspiration! Thanks for enjoying my tales! ☺

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