Sunday Snapshot # 2

It’s already the time for another Sunday Snapshot!

How quickly the week has flown by.

Red Plumeria

This tree was planted when we finished building our house. It grows in the corner of our tiny front garden, taking up most of the available space. I have always loved flowering trees and this one is a beauty. But it has grown bigger than the allotted space and grass cannot grow under it because it casts shade on the ground. Despite repeated attempts to plant fresh grass, nothing grows under its shade.

Although this had exceeded expectations and has overtaken the space, we have allowed it to have the run of the front garden.


Because it’s been with us since our home was built.

Because it’s pretty and looks gorgeous during most of the year. It sheds its leaves completely during winter but the new ones are such a joy to watch.

Similarly, we let a lot of familiar things co-exist despite them causing us minor inconveniences.

• Because we love them,

• they are a part of our lives for a long time,

• and making drastic changes takes a lot of determination and resolve.

Is it alright to tolerate inconvenience because it’s caused by a loved and familiar thing, object or person?

What are your views on this?



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