24 Hours blog Questions:Rory Asks; Passion and Blogging traffic

Rory asks

How attractive is passion to you? l mean how do you view the quality in a person be it significant or not, or just in people you know? 

I think passion is a sign of commitment and passionate people are those who commit to their goals in life. It is an admirable quality and I think it also inspires others too. I find it an attractive quality. And I have often been inspired by passionate people to be more committed to my own goals.

Then as a second question set – list the qualities that you also find attractive in people.

For me, being kind is the best quality a person can have. The following are others that I find attractive in people;

A good sense of humor

Passion for their goals



Willingness to share

Understanding or empathy



If you did not maintain a blog of your own today would you read blogs and more importantly why and which genres would you read?

I am ashamed to say that before starting my blog, the only other blog that I had ever read was Tanya‘s Salted caramel.

I hadn’t discovered blogs yet and it’s all due to her that I was introduced to blogging. So this question wouldn’t apply to me as I only read her blog because she is a friend and I found all that she posted as informative and helpful.

How important or how motivated are you for increasing your traffic flow to your blog content and why?

I am going to be very honest here and tell you that blog stats and traffic do matter to me. I am not obsessed about it but if there aren’t views or comments on my posts, I feel bad. I think it is natural that when you write something, you want others to read it too.

I write and hope that it will draw people to read my posts. I don’t make money off my blog and cannot do its promotion on social media like Facebook or Twitter.

So you can say that the only way I try to increase my blog traffic is by writing good content.

I have also tried (a bit unsuccessfully) to reduce the number of daily posts so that fewer posts can generate more interest in my readers.

I am really grateful for those of my friends who always read all my posts and leave generous comments on them.



22 thoughts on “24 Hours blog Questions:Rory Asks; Passion and Blogging traffic

  1. That is a difficult question, whether we’d read blogs if we didn’t blog ourselves?

    I blogged before I’d read any others. In fact, I didn’t know people could comment on mine until I was surprised to receive the first comment ever, several months after I began. This was a long time ago though.

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  2. I personally think people are attracted to a blog where the blogger is upbeat. Your blog hits that on all burners! It’s fun to read what you come up with each day, and I hope to keep reading for a long time.

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  3. I found blogs when looking for info about autism. I “met” some fantastic people, began to socialize… met more people. Writing and posting was secondary for a very long time. It’s only recently that I’ve been posting daily and I’m very thankful that all my blog friends continue to read the Casa Cuckoo Soap Opera😍
    I very rarely even look at my stats. When I do, I’m surprised by how many people look at my blog.😲

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    1. Blogs and blogging are like a cave of treasures! Not easily visible but once found, it pulls you towards itself. I do look at stats but not every day, just when I remember to.

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  4. Hey MaSadje, wonderfully answered like Angie has already agreed with, l too think ‘Cave of Treasures’ is a very apt phrase, – well expressed. Plus don’t be afraid to ever say it as it is. Statistics are important to blogging as book sales are to authors as viewings are to artists – if there is no traffic – there are no viewings – if there are no viewings there is no point to hosting a commercial blog – when you can simply have a journal.

    I said to Tanya yesterday that it is irrelevant how many words something is long or short – a reader will always read what they wish to read on a blogger’s blog and why? Because the bloggers keep producing enjoyable content … keep writing Sadje – you are doing a grand job and l have watched you travel on your journey from the early days to now and am super impressed and pleased with how far you have come and what you now tackle with ease and efficiency – well done 🙂


  5. A very important quality for me that you didn’t list is honesty. Even if it is bad, if you tell me the truth I will have a lot more respect for you. Good answers Sadje!


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