Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday-22 August’20

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What with lockdown, traveling, and being away from home, my hair has become frizzy and wild. When I brush them in an effort to tame the wildness, it just frizzes up more because it’s very humid here.

The solution was to get keratin treatment!

Today I am rectifying the situation. This photo above is similar to before and after of my hair. Now it is maintenance free!

Wash, let it air dry, brush and you are good to go. No special shampoo, conditioner or serums required. Though the cost for treatment is rather high but it lasts for 6-8 months. And it comes out to be cheaper than all the extra I spend on things to make my hair look reasonable.

Here’s to a hassle free half a year or more!




16 thoughts on “Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday-22 August’20

    1. I am not much of a salon person but since I ale immunosuppressants, my hair has become problematic. This is easy solution. Once or twice a year, I get it done and then it is hassle free.

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  1. I’m seriously considering cutting my hair super short! I just wear it up in a bun or knot most of the time anyway. It’s to my waist, but needs at least 4-5″ cut off then ends. And it’s curly/wavy so it fizzes too.
    Maybe a spiked short cut, and dye it Sapphire blue, magenta or purple???😉

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  2. Awesome! I have very straight hair and I often tie it back in summer. I am not one to spend a lot of time on my hair so any product that can make it easier to manage for that length of time is a huge bonus. Happy hair days!

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  3. I have had the treatment twice. Once it smelled like cotton candy. The scent to cover the smell helped because it was strong and made my eyes water. I am sure they have improved the process by now

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    1. It is really. And the technique has improved over the last 3-4 years. Now there is no after smell and you don’t have to avoid washing the hair for 3 days after the treatment. They wash it before sending you home. All in all a good investment of time and money.


  4. I have the exact opposite problem – stick straight hair that gets even straighter in the heat and humidity, But I do have some pretty bad split ends right now out of fearing going into a crowded salon.

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