Just love!

I loved Happy Soul’s take on the WDYS # 43.

Live Love Laugh Learn

Kyle Glenn- Unsplash

I stopped by to read, a dash board of love notes

A palette of emotions, many heart felt quotes.

Saw a senti note from a mother to her son,

One from a coach to his pupil, before the run.

Love travelled distance, for her husband in the army

A clever typo in “love triumphs hate” sure caught me

For some, love was reserved for God above,

Got to know UBUNTU is not just OS, It is love

The LGBT wanted their voice to be heard

A call for unity, freedom, many notes stirred!

The message was loud, in every thought penned,

A strong belief, that love wins in the end!

Love has no colour, love has no limits,

Love has no language, a joy it emits.

Love has no caste, Love has no religion,

For many to survive, Love is the sole reason!

Let’s paint our world…

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