Daily Prompts- In the shadows

It’s dark in the shadows

Shapes are hard to discern

You stand aloof and distant

Frustrating any attempt at friendship

I would like to extend my hand in a gesture

Of camaraderie and fellowship if you’ll give it a chance

You classify people as hostile and unfriendly

But it is your attitude that needs to be adjusted

Come into the light, and be more approachable

These shadowy explorations will not be gainful

In response to the following prompts;




Shadowy explorations

Word of the day challenge;






23 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- In the shadows

  1. Well done! Your poem makes me think of someone I know who gets defensive when they’re not even being criticized and because they’re defensive, they seem angry or offensive.
    If people would just be open, accepting and non-judgmental things would be a lot easier.

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