Daily Prompts- That first love

How to describe that feeling

When I fell in love for the very first time

Memories buried in ancient history

Dim and distant details difficult to recall

The time which I need to go back to

Lies decades ago when I was just five

There was this cute boy in my kindergarten class

Who had stolen the hearts of nearly all the girls

The spirit of romance in little hearts awoke

All in the party were eager to be the one

Now I can’t even recall his name, but I still remember

The feeling, that first crush!

In response to the following prompts;




Cordial, Spirit, Wine






Your first love



19 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- That first love

  1. I wrote about my first “true love” but if I were to go with first crush… it was first or second grade and his name was Jim … he turned out to be a “bad boy” as the years went on but man was he cute!

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