Things I wasn’t expecting about the Pandemic

Gary of a bereaved single dad posted this a couple of days ago. I thought I would follow suit.

Ok, let’s have a stab at this. What are the five things which have surprised me about the Pandemic.

• Despite the normal peeve about staying at home and gaining weight, I lost weight. I took longer walks and thanks to Amazon, had a supply of health bars that I substituted for lunch.

• Saved a bunch of money. No shopping in the lockdown meant no frivolous spending on clothes, makeup, or accessories.

• Didn’t even get the cold. Avoiding people and always wearing a mask when I went out for a walk outside, saved us all from catching even the common sniffles.

• Wearing no makeup for months meant no annoying pimples or any other skin problems.

• I developed real great camaraderie with my 10-year-old grandson as we spend a lot of time together, walking and talking.

As they say, every cloud has a silver lining, so while this pandemic can never be classed as a good thing, it did have a few unexpected advantages.


17 thoughts on “Things I wasn’t expecting about the Pandemic

  1. Good post. We’ve saved money on shopping and fuel, but not lost weight. new meds haven’t helped, but I’m addressing that.
    I miss the freedom of going out when and where we want to more than anything I guess.
    The most annoying (apart from ignorant tourists) is not being able to get Hubby’s shed for some ridiculous timeframe and building materials for DIY.

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