5 Things- Favorite Sandwiches

Tanya is hosting this prompt

5 Favorite Sandwiches

• Peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole-wheat bread;

It’s my indulgent breakfast. I love that it falls into healthy food category because I select the peanut butter without corn syrup or sugar.

• wafer thin cucumber sandwich with real butter;

They are a reminder of days of reading Enid Blyton books. I love these because they are super easy to make but are calorie rich.

• Grilled cheese sandwiches with jam;

I was introduced to these when we were using a dinner service, where they provide you with a recipe and ingredients. The jam was home made and the cheese was Gouda. I have made them on my own since and really enjoyed them. The combo of sweet and savory ticks all the boxes.

• Breakfast biscuit sandwich with chicken from McDonald’s

I love carbs. And the American biscuits are yummy type of carbs. Rich and buttery, they do taste so well with chicken fillets or cheese.

• Peanut butter and strawberry jelly/ Jam sandwich

Another favorite, just switch the banana with jam or jelly. Yum and yum!

Hope you enjoy the visual treats.



19 thoughts on “5 Things- Favorite Sandwiches

  1. Some good choices. Not sure about the grilled cheese with jam, but it might be alright. My “odd” sandwich that my Dad used to make was a peanut butter and pickle (dill or bread and butter sweet) sandwich.

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