Saturday Symphony # 6- Love Withheld

Jude is hosting this prompt!

Hi guys, welcome to the 6th edition of The Saturday Symphony.


Many times love is involuntary.

At first glance, at first touch, at first chat. Even at first meal.

Sometimes we feel it so strong. And yet we choose to ignore it.

Write about how this has/may happpen

And why we have/may choose to ignore this feeling of spontaneous love.

Any form of writing, images and art is welcome.


Once bitten twice shy

Shunning love fearing hurt

The path of true love is often hard

Previous disappointments are the real hurdles

Whoever can rekindle the flame would win the heart





13 thoughts on “Saturday Symphony # 6- Love Withheld

  1. I love this Sadje. It’s so beautiful and relatable. Perfect for the prompt. Thank you so much for joining in Sadje 💛. It means alot 🌷

    Liked by 1 person

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