What’s Your Story Then- 4

Rory is the host of What’s Your Story Then


The Green-Eyed Dodo


A, Z, X, E, O, Y, S, M, C, Q, U, I


It looked at me, a quizzical expression on its face

Don’t be coy or cozy I said to this green-eyed dodo

You’ve been dead long ago so no need to judge me

If you had seen what I have, your choices would be different

Some things have changed since you roamed the earth

Axe has fallen on many a species, extinction their fate

The world has become a maze of complications

Sameness has become the order of the day

The sum total f human civilization has been the destruction

So if you see us trying to survive by any means possible

It’s not my doing, it’s those who have been here before me




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