Daily Prompts- Eating is the new hobby!

What to do when time hangs on your hands

The 24 hours of the entire day creep slowly by

I cannot stop myself from visiting the kitchen several times

Opening the fridge and staring at the content with greed

It seems eating has become my new hobby

Tricolor pasta, with garlic bread vying with risotto

Fudge brownie competing with banana bread

Several cups of tea, coffee or cocoa aren’t enough

To suppress my cravings, so some solid treats are called for

Bowing at the edifice of magnificent kitchen

I feel I am acting the delinquent but it’s beyond my control

I feel I need to get another yummy treat

What should I eat now?

In response to the following prompts;




Tea, Coffee, Cocoa





Word of the day challenge;



My hobby



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