The Daily Four

This game was hosted by Rory.

I am away from my blog so I thought I would share this post from August 2019.

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The Daily Four

Season 1 – Game 2

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Welcome to The Daily Four!

Today’s Questions to the Readers are….

How important is your birth family to you?

When I was younger my father and brothers were very close. Our father would spend time with us every day and we had a special bond. He was fond of reading and movies and we would see movies together. And he would take us to the library for books every week. 

After his death, we, I and my brothers aren’t that close anymore but I do try to keep in touch with them all. Apparently it’s a male ego thing that if one of them doesn’t respond to the message or call from the other they won’t make a move to get in touch again unless the errant brother makes the move. I am not a man, so I overlook these codes and do call them off and on. 

As to my own family, my husband kids and grand kids, I love them to bits. Nothing more to be said further. 

What gets too much attention in the news?

Politics. And I am really sick of politics and politicians. Maybe if we sank them all into the ocean we would be better off. 

If you could change 3 things about your country, what would you change?

Every one would have the right to live with dignity, a roof over the heads of all people and educating people about what we are doing to our planet is extremely bad. And that there are no second chances. 

What fact amazes you every time you think of it?

Not to sound clichéd, I would say the human race still manages to amaze me. What lovely souls live among us and what amazing talent. If we look, really look we see all sort of fantastic tales of endurance and kindness around us. People are imperfect but ever so often we come across people with such a huge amount of courage that we are held spellbound. 

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The daily Four 

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