Blogging Insights# 39- Help from WordPress

Dr Tanya is the host of Blogging insights


How helpful did you find the WordPress tutorials on blogging?

Okay, I will sound like a noob ( as my grandson is fond of saying) but I didn’t know that WordPress has tutorials!

Now that I have been told about them, I might check them out.

Did you contact the WordPress support staff (Happiness Engineers), if that was included in your plan, and what was your experience with them? 

I did contact them a few times. Once regarding an issue with my plan and another time regarding the word-ads that I had on my site for a short time.

How was my experience?

The first time it was okay. They helped me with my paid plan selection and the help was given fairly promptly.

The second time with Word-ads, they were a bit lackadaisical and not very quick. When I discontinued the Word-ads for a while, they didn’t even respond to my request of starting them again on my site. So I would rate them a middling 4-5. Not great but not the worse customer support ever seen.

Thank you Tanya for this wonderful series.



8 thoughts on “Blogging Insights# 39- Help from WordPress

  1. Very insightful. I like the blogging course #bloggingfundamentals but some aspects are outdated such as using the prompts provided from their main page. They stopped updating it 2 years ago.

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  2. I have heard a mixed response to the helpfulness of the “happiness engineers.” Luckily I have not had issues to take up with them that I remember. I have never done the tutorials either. One of my readers a couple of years ago did some of the poetry “classes” they have… I do so much free verse writing I would have a hard time sticking with rules for different forms of poetry.

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