Questions and Questions!

Few days back, Lauren posed these questions to her readers;

1. If you could redo high school, knowing what you know now, would you do it?

If I already know what they will teach me, I guess I still would have to do it if I want to earn my degree.

2. If you are a meat eater, what is the strangest meat you have tried?

I don’t like meat at all. I barely tolerate white meat like fish and chicken. So strange meat? No thank you!

3. In your opinion, is it more important to be spiritual or religious?

I think if you’re spiritual, you will find your religion. If you aren’t, religion won’t be able to teach you the important aspects of it. So spirituality is more important

4. If you could be in any TV series for a few walk on spots, which one would it be? (Old or new is OK)

I guess with my non-existent acting talents, I can be that woman who slips or falls at inappropriate moments for comic relief.

5. (Let’s get risky now.) Do you believe in an afterlife? If so, what is it like? 

I do believe in afterlife. For me, that is the aim of this life. If there is no reward or punishment, what is the aim of these years on earth.

6. Do you think we are headed toward a society with no actual money, just cards or codes? It is happening in some places.  

Possibly! We already are halfway there. Perhaps in ten, twenty years, we will use paper money for special occasions.

7. What stresses you more, car trouble or house repair trouble?

None of either. I let my husband take care of them. It’s his job to do so and save me the bother.


Di asked these questions;

1. Do you participate in any challenges, and if so, which do you prefer?

I love all sorts of challenges. Word, sentences, or photo prompts. The only thing that I have rarely done is the ones you are supposed to fib! Since I am so bad at thinking funny answers, I don’t do them.

2. If you could start a New Award, what would you call it?

The new award, TNA!

3. Do you aim for your blog to attract a single audience or a variety?

I would like people from all walks of life with different points of view to read my blog. But what still amazes me is that people want to read my blog!

4. When choosing to follow a blogger, what attracts you to their blog?

Always their writing.

5. Do you prefer to read short or long posts, stories, or humour?

As long as the posts are interesting and attention-grabbing, I would read. Though if a post is too long, I save it for reading at my leisure.

6. Do you like to use graphics in your own posts?

I like using images in my posts. They add an element of interest and color to them. Also, I use them sometimes to make my point too.

7. Have any posts by a fellow blogger had an emotional effect on you?

Oh, many times. They elate me, make me cry, or laugh out aloud.

8. Do you think awards are a good way to interact with other bloggers?


The only drawback to award posts is the huge amount of time needed to write an award post. Otherwise, they are a good way to encourage and recognize the efforts of bloggers. It’s also a way of showing our support.

9. Dining out or eating in (pre corona virus)

Depends on my mood. Eating in on lazy days and going out to celebrate.

10. Beer, wine, spirit, or non-alcoholic?

Being a Muslim, non-alcoholic is my preference, always.

11. Apart from blogging, what is a favoured past time?

Reading, playing card games, and doing puzzles on my phone. Recently I have discovered this coloring app which is super relaxing.

Thanks a lot, Lauren and Di for these very interesting questions.


36 thoughts on “Questions and Questions!

  1. This was fun to read your answers. I like the ‘falling down woman’ actress. Hope you don’t really fall down, but as a stunt actress I think they are trained to not get hurt in their scenes. It would be pretty fun to be on a show at least once.:)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Funny but not funny really – that besides being birthday twins we could be falling down twins. Oh the places I’ve fallen down – I never know when it will happen, but it sure will happen! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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