Daily Prompts- My plan

Fandango is introducing a new Prompt from today for the month of August, FDDA!

So today it’s about a trip. I am flying home on Thursday, it’s a long journey, almost 28 hours. And that’s not counting the delays ( I hope I don’t have any).

It’s been a wonderful trip to visit my daughter and grandson in Seattle. Though for most of my stay here I had to navigate the maze of treacherous COVID-19. Where to go, when to go and how to do it. In the end we decided it’s just safer to stay at home, duck all the danger to exposure and be safe.

I don’t mean to exalt my decisions, but they were sensible ones. Masking up while walking, avoiding contact with random people helped us protect that precious commodity, our health. I am responsible for not only my own safety but that of those I am sharing my space with. So it made perfect sense to avoid going grocery shopping. It’s an observation that by always wearing a mask, none of us even got the common cold! Touch wood!

My advice to anyone willing to listen is to be careful and wear a mask.

In response to the following prompts;




Conservatory, Observation, Duck





Word of the day challenge;






37 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- My plan

  1. Wise advice and an awesome use of the word prompts (no surprise there, you excel at this). Twenty-eight hours is a very long time to be traveling. I will be praying for no delays for you as you make your journey home. Stay well and stay safe.

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