Fandango’s Provocative Question #80- Who am I?


FPQWelcome once again to Fandango’s Provocative Question.

I saw this question on a site that offers up a bunch of “deep, philosophical” questions and this one intrigued me. It’s about evolution, but not in the context of Darwin’s evolution of the species. It’s more about evolution of the individual and about who you are and how you change over time. Here’s this week’s question, which is essentially about you. I hope you’ll have fun with it.

Is the concept of “you” continuous or does the past “you” continually fade into the present and future “you”? Considering that your body, your mind, and your memories are changing over time, what part of “you” sticks around?



This is a deep and philosophical question.

I think that who I am basically, in my core would not change beyond recognition with time. However, there are bound to be changes in me, my personality as I grow and learn.

I was a sensitive child and I grew up into a sensitive adult. That hasn’t changed. But I have with effort toned down my extremely sensitive nature because of the experiences that I have had growing up. But my basic nature I think has remained the same.

What time and age have done is that they have gradually changed how I react to different situations in life. The whole purpose of growing up is to learn. And as we learn, we change our attitudes and reactions.

But the basic nature of a person rarely changes completely. It is modified and adapted but doesn’t usually takes an 180 degree turn.




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