Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 146- Cubism

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge


I was seeing some works of art shared on Instagram, and the word/art form that caught my fancy is 


A few images to catch your fancy….

Let the word, pictures, symbolism, intricacies and the artist’s struggle inspire you to write something.

I am fine with anything from a caption to a poem/story to an essay. Or just another painting which moved your imagination.

Delve within to create without.

Happy writing!


Putting brush strokes on canvas isn’t just enough anymore

What an artist creates painstakingly can be

Captured with the camera in the blink of an eye

Creating the feel and evoking the emotions behind a scene

That can only be done by breaking it apart in fragments

And then putting it together to express what lies deep

Tiny pieces of art, joined again to present the view

Of the artist, their personalized reality




20 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 146- Cubism

  1. Digital art is taking over, but is not easy. Certain pieces take multiple platforms to build on. It is the portability that matters more than the effort, perhaps.

    Thanks for bringing out a vital difference between digital and handmade art!

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