5 Things For Tuesday- Admirable Qualities

Dr. Tanya is hosting this prompt. This week she asks 5 qualities that we admire in others.

5 Qualities I Admire in Others

• Kindness;

For me being kind is the most admirable quality in a person. I was lucky to know a very kind man, my father. I want to be more like him and this is one trait that I value most.

• Helpful;

People who go out of their way to help others are my kind of people. They would put their own tasks on hold to help others. They not only earn good wishes and gratitude from others but their respect too.

• Honest;

Though there is a thing called being too honest, I still would prefer that people be honest with me. It means that I can trust them and wouldn’t question their opinions.


One who has a sense of humor and can take themselves lightly. These people are fun to be with and you don’t have to be on your guard all the time when with them as they don’t get offended easily.


They are the ones you go to when you want sagacious advice. They are going to guide you through tricky situations in life. Very few people have this gift and those who have, have my admiration.

Thank you Tanya for this weekly fun prompt!




24 thoughts on “5 Things For Tuesday- Admirable Qualities

    1. Thanks Anita. I have read a lot of responses to this prompt and kindness is mostly at the top. We humans may not be kind ourself but we sure do appreciate kindness in others.

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