Share Your World – July 27th, 2020




Are you a clean or messy person?

I am a clean person. Mess gets on my nerves and even while working cooking or doing anything else, I like to be organized tidy and clean. Hygiene wise, I am a clean person too but I don’t think that Melanie’s question was directed that way!

If I asked you to describe yourself in five words – what would they be?

Nice, helpful, sympathetic, tidy and strange

Do you enjoy being out in nature?

I love walking outside, seeing all the beauty of nature and I find inspiration from it But I am not the adventurous type so no camping, tracking, or mountain climbing for me. You can say that I am an armchair nature lover

What could you spend all day talking about?

I can, and probably do talk all day about my blog, my blogging friends, and writing!

Attitude of Gratitude:  (OPTIONAL)

Please feel free to share some gratitude from your life!  Thanks!  


These are hot and hectic days here as my visit is coming to an end. I am very grateful to all my blogging friends who wished me well on my journey home.



22 thoughts on “Share Your World – July 27th, 2020

    1. I will till I get a test to check if I am clear. But I also need to get a test before I board the plane for Dubai. So now I am scrambling to get an appointment for testing. 😅🤪

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  1. Thank you Sadje for Sharing Your World! I hope to read about India, once you’ve gotten settled there again. That is a rather long flight, isn’t it? If I’m correct, please stay safe! You were correct, I meant clean versus messy as ‘tidy versus cluttered” (which might have been a better way to phrase it). Your photographer while walking in nature has been fabulous and I look forward to seeing new photos! Blogging is a very engrossing topic, so you just share all you want! 😀 Safe journey!

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    1. Thanks Melanie, it is almost almost 38 hours journey with two layovers. And it is Pakistan that I am traveling to. I will try to keep on posting pictures when home. I appreciate your kind wishes.


  2. I think we’re all a bit “strange” and thank goodness! Life would be boring if we were all like robots!
    It’s getting closer and closer! You’re going home, YAY! Hopefully you’ll be able to see everyone sooner than two weeks! Will you be able to go home or will you have to stay in a designated place?

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    1. I will be able to go home to my own bedroom. My husband will stay in the spare one till I get tested and the results are negative for COVID.
      Yup, we all are a bit strange and that’s why we are interesting.

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