Friday Fun- Security

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

in this time of turmoil, what does “security” mean to you?

is it your health; funds to get health care and pay the bills; employment; knowing loved ones are safe; getting back home …


Life is as fragile as this dandelion fuzz!

For myself I would say that it’s all of the above

Maintaining good health;

It gives me mental comfort to know that I am doing all I can to maintain my health. I am walking a lot, eating healthy, and am avoiding taking unnecessary risks. I really don’t go out shopping and when I go for my walks, I put on my mask before I am out of the door.

I think despite what others may view a mask as, for me it’s a sensible precaution. It’s neither a symbol of fear nor an infringement on my rights. It’s a protection against falling ill or making others ill.

Enough money in my wallet;

Whatever the circumstances, having money to meet my needs is always a big plus. But especially nowadays, it is very important that I have enough funds to cover my medical bills if the need arises and enough money with me that I can afford the extra expenses of ordering online for my essentials. And a bit extra to cheer ourselves up on weekends to order food in!

Knowing that my family and friends are safe;

This indeed is very important to me that my loved ones are safe and healthy. And are being sensible about their health. I often reach out to my friends and see if they need anything. Every time I advise them to be careful and vigilant against this disease.

Getting back home;

This indeed is especially relevant to me as I plan to travel back home in a few days. My travel plans have been changed and altered many times because international travel hasn’t yet resumed fully, especially from The USA. But fingers crossed, this time things seem to be going according to the plan. Once at home, I will have to observe quarantine of two weeks before I can meet my family and friends but I will be secure in the knowledge that I am home.

The silver lining at the edge of clouds!



28 thoughts on “Friday Fun- Security

  1. you got the fragility part right Sadje! Sounds like you are being very smart about safety precautions 🙂

    Going home I assume that means you are travelling back to India? But you live in the states? Take care, what part of India are you travelling to?

    Thanks for sharing your views on this topic ❤

    Liked by 1 person

          1. definitely … too big for me but some stunning places to see 🙂

            Glad you will be together and safe soon! Take care … I think many may be deserting the states when the opportunity arises!

            Liked by 1 person

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