Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday- Check/ Cheque/ Czech

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “check/cheque/Czech
.” Use one, use ’em all, use ’em any way you’d like. Have fun!

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I am traveling home in about ten days’ time and every morning I check the status of flights home. My flight has been changed and canceled five or six times and I am even now not sure that I will be traveling on that date or not.

So each morning I check my emails and my app to see if the flights are still leaving the USA. When I traveled to Seattle, it was early February and there were just muted murmurs of Covid-19 going around. I couldn’t even visualize a scenario where traveling home would become such a big adventure. The fact that I need to leave before my visa expires has added another layer of worry to the current situation.

So ten more days of checking, before I check-in and fly home. Wish me luck!




40 thoughts on “Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday- Check/ Cheque/ Czech

      1. Long flights too… do you have to change planes a bunch of times? That would bug me the most… worrying about making connections, long layovers, lost luggage…
        I haven’t been on a plane since I was 18 or 19 years old… over 30 years😲

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        1. I am going to LA from Seattle as they have stopped direct flights from here to Dubai till September. From there it is a looooooong flight to Dubai. The last let is shorter, around 3 hours. So more that 26 hours of traveling. Luckily they will book the luggage for Pakistan from here. I just hope me and my stuff get there on the same time. 😂

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            1. I can’t see out the window as I take the aisle seat! I have to get up so many times that I won’t torture anyone with it. So it’s mostly me trying, very unsuccessfully trying to sleep.

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  1. My daughter had to change her flight five times before she finally was able to travel back to her home. the airline kept changing her itinerary so that she had ridiculously long stop overs, which just did not work for her.

    I wish you well, Sadje. And I hope your flight home is safe and uneventful.

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    1. Thanks Barbara. It was great, spending time with my daughter and grandson. I don’t mind being grounded as long as I know that I will be going home at the end of it.

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