Friday Fun- Another name

Kate of Aroused blog has challenged us;

This prompt is “calling things by another name”
this photo may look like snowdrops but it is a flower

Warning folks this post is to make you think!
Click off now if this is too painful please?

these are snowdrops … 
but they are not snow and they droop but don’t drop!

so please post a photo or a creative story to share 

“things called by another name”

Rings of life

I lived for a few years but not to my full life

I had the potential to grow taller and could’ve lived longer

But fate decreed that one summer storm will be the end

It uprooted me and blew me onto the path frequently traveled

They had to cut me to pieces and cart me away

But one piece was left behind, too big and cumbersome

It lies there as a reminder for all that pass me daily

These rings reflect my years, the life I lived

They can only be seen as evidence when a tree is cut down

A dead tree showing rings of life!


14 thoughts on “Friday Fun- Another name

  1. absolutely beautiful, the rings of life have always fascinated me, and that tree is actually quite old according to those rings!

    Thanks heaps for joining in and love the story told in first person 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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