Daily Prompts- Chameleon

Chameleon like I change my color

Moody one day and easygoing the next

I can be annoying perhaps at times

Or loving and caring in the very next instant

Don’t construe my words or emotions according to your thoughts

I am versatile, I am confusingly unique

Admitting how I really am, is very liberating

In response to the following prompts;




Annoying, Perhaps, Roots





Word of the day challenge;








20 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Chameleon

  1. I think we all like that dear,
    Not to worry not to be cheer,
    Sometimes the mood have change,
    Or to be changed,
    To protect ourselves from fear.
    I’m not fifty, I’m over seventy,
    But I still take that Chameleon,
    Like a good advice, always,
    To go through life to the end.



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