Daily Prompts- Kitchen adventure

It was expected for today

An afternoon spent in the kitchen

I was occupied and busy baking

Creating mouthwatering cake to present

The ambiance was right, was the result as expected?

The answer was evident in the obliterated remains


This was my effort at making a whole-wheat bread. It’s no mouthwatering cake, but more practical for people who are watching calories.

In response to the following prompts;




Expected, Occupied, Afternoon





Word of the day challenge;








44 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Kitchen adventure

      1. lol but has this rigid calorie counting meant loss of weight? I believe that weight is often more an emotional thing … sure diet and exercise have some impact but for many I believe it’s emotionally connected!

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              1. no I am so pleased you’ve made such progress …. diet and exercise have never changed my weight! Gained 16 kilos with the cancer meds and never able to lose it … in fact I gain 2 kilos when I exercise regularly. Guess muscle weighs more than fat.

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