BrewNSpew Café- Tempest

I am sharing this post from exactly a year ago; 17 July 2019 as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback

There is a tempest raging in my head

There are conflicting emotions warring 

The critic wants to be let lose to wreck

The power of negativity and find faults

While the optimist wants to see sunshine 

And roses everywhere and be pleased 

With everything that it finds around it

Who should have an upper hand I ask

Or should both learn to exist in harmony 

A balance where I can see the faults and

Correct them, count the blessings and 

Exists in a plane of reality not in utopia 

The prompt;

Word of the week – tempest (noun) – a violent wind storm. Synonyms – squall, storm, gale, hurricane, tornado, typhoon, cloudburst, monsoon, snowstorm, blizzard, windstorm.

In response to;

BrewNSpew Café July 15-2019




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