Fandango’s Provocative Question #78

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Welcome once again to Fandango’s Provocative Question.

So here’s my provocative question this week.

Do you believe that students should be required to return to school for the new school year? If you are a parent, are you at all concerned about sending your children to school? Or are you relieved to get the little rugrats out of your hair?


While I do understand the problem many parents are facing when they have to go to work and their children/child has to stay at home, the reopening of schools is not the answer.

The number of people falling sick every day, the death rate, and the inability of the researchers to come up with an effective cure or a preventive vaccine should put an end to this debate.

It is not humane or kind or even sensible to send millions of children to school where they can and will be exposed to this virus and would in turn bring it home to their families.

The argument that very few kids fall sick due to this disease, is a false one. Even if children don’t fall seriously ill with Covid-19, they can carry the infection and spread it to each other, their teacher, and families.

Reopening the schools will set in motion a tsunami of infections and the fallout would be very severe.

I am sharing Lauren’s post here. She explains it much better than I could.




13 thoughts on “Fandango’s Provocative Question #78

  1. Thank you Sadje. My school district just informed the community that they are opening 100% virtually for at least a month. Then then will look at numbers. My daughter has a new superintendent in her district. The fool has just said Covid is no more than a flu and is demanding 100% in the classroom. I see a legal battle real soon. I am worried for her and my grandson with their medical issues.

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  2. Some people are still sane, making sensible decisions. While other are influenced by that man in the white house, making light of a very serious situation.


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