Rory Asks; Wanna Be In My Gang?

Rory asked this question on his blog yesterday;

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Wanna Be In My Gang?

Everyone needs to belong ………… right?

I mean is that right?

Do we need to belong to our own tribe of people or our own gang to exist?

Man is a social animal. We do need to have a sense of belonging to feel comfortable. This need can be a very strong one for the extrovert person or could be mild, verging on weak for an introvert.

Do we need people to motivate and enthuse us?

Again it depends upon our personality. If you are the sort who are seeking support and validation, someone cheering for you in your corner can work wonders for you. But if you are the sort who are self-confident and are sure of their way forward, you can do it by yourself too. But I do think that it is always nice to have someone in your corner.

Do we truly need close friends? Do people really get lonely if they don’t belong to their ‘people?’

I think we do. I have a few really close friends with whom I can talk about anything and everything. They form a support system and whenever one of us needs help, support, or advice, the others are there for them.

Do people truly get lonely or is that more to do with their personality?

Oh, this has everything to do with one’s personality. A strong person will appreciate friends but won’t lean on them all the time. But a clingy person would need people around them constantly.

Can people make themselves lonely?

Some can. If I pick up a fight with my family and friends, I can isolate myself pretty quickly.

Do we need people to identify with in order for us to identify with ourselves?

I don’t think that is necessary. Getting to know oneself and realizing our identity is a solo journey. Once we have done this, we may affiliate with likeminded people.

Are there any benefits to group identity and social familiarity?

There are benefits of group identity if you’re in a minority. It will strengthen your cause, make you more comfortable, and make the group stronger too.




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