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Dr. Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights

She says;

Today’s title reminds me of a book I once read. It was “Devices and Desires” by P.D.James, a mystery / detective story. This is however entirely besides the point. The devices we discuss today are those we use for blogging, our desktop, laptop or trusty smartphones.


What device (desktop computer,laptop,tablet or smartphone) do you find most useful for blogging and why?

When I started to blog, I set up my WordPress app on my laptop and got a few tutorials about blogging on a laptop from a very good friend of mine who was already blogging. The plan was to blog from my laptop.

But being the lazy person I am, I soon downloaded the WordPress app on my iPhone and was checking up on my blog during the day over it. Gradually I shifted all my blogging over to my phone.

It is not only handy but I think easier for blogging. It’s forever connected to the internet and writing as well as commenting is way easy on the phone.

Recently I felt so guilty about getting a new laptop and not using it that I tried to blog from it again. But the thing I found very interesting is that if I have to correct the punctuation, grammar, and spelling while I am writing, I lose my train of thought. It was tedious to blog from a laptop.

Now I have realized that blogging from my phone is my best option.




25 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- Devices

  1. 🙂 I would like to find out from you what using the Block Editor on the iPhone is like for you.

    Our friend, Fandango, uses an iPhone for his blogging purposes; he thinks that using the Block Editor is cumbersome (Which is the reason why he only uses the Classic Editor).

    My intuition tells me, “The Block Editor is ideally suited for laptop and desktop computers and not as user friendly on mobile devices.”

    Since I am a Linux person, the laptop computer is most ideal for me.

    I am also a proud user of the Block Editor.

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    1. Oh I don’t use block editor at all. On my phone app, there’s an option to disable the new editor. It’s simple really to stick with what I know.
      I know you’re a brave soul. Attempting all the new things introduced on WP.

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    2. I use the Block Editor from an android phone. It isn’t really a problem for me. I’ve gotten used to it. I put photos and embed videos into my daily posts.
      I don’t do much with color of type or any of that, but I never have.
      Just typing/writing hasn’t been difficult.

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  2. In the beginning I use my phone (occasionally my iPad) to work from and jot down ideas. But after I kept experiencing technical issues, I switched to my laptop. It is convenient to use from my phone. Like right now to make comments.
    But whatever works for you is what matters. 😉

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