Daily Prompts- Unstoppable

She took the first tentative steps

Hesitant and unsure of her abilities

Grasping the edge of a chair, holding on to a jamb

Now she is unstoppable, careening all over

Even when stressed the benefits of caution, lost on her

She runs as fast as her little legs carry her

She is aiming for a gold medal, a brass one not enough

Call her name, ask her to be careful, she is not going to heed

But that is the point of being young and full of beans

( This poem is about my 14 months old granddaughter who learned to walk when she turned one. Now she is quite confident and unstoppable!)

In response to the following prompts;




Name, Edge, Point





Word of the day challenge;








48 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Unstoppable

  1. ahhh this just reminds me of my daughters when they were learning to walk…. it was so beautiful to see them take their first independent step and you captured that perfectly in this poem Sadje

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  2. My grands just had birthdays… going into 5th and 2nd grades… time flies!
    They do seem so full of energy. We had to warn one of them that just going to the park without an adult isn’t safe these days. The older one did that, claimed permission from a half asleep adult. They will not do that again! We hope!

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