Daily Prompts- Ice cream dream

It is summer and I dream of ice cream

A decadent cup full to the brim of goodness

I am watching my calories and have to calculate

Each bite I take has to be weighed carefully

Yet I cannot stop from wondering if I can sneak in a taste

I am secure in the knowledge that today I haven’t exceeded my limit

And I need a lucky shamrock to make my dessert calorie free

It would be callous on your part to flaunt your yummy treat

Right under my nose while I am still debating the idea

Whether to indulge my desire or just wander off for a walk

In response to the following prompts;




Watching, Calculate, Wander




Ice cream

Word of the day challenge;








38 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Ice cream dream

  1. Sounds like a conversation I often have with myself (internal dialogue only haha)! I seldom eat ice cream, but in summer it’s almost imperative that I have a few soft-serve cones. A throw back to childhood, no doubt.

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        1. I know most people don’t know or are worried about the calorie count of common foods. But being overweight almost all my life, I have quite an extensive knowledge.

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