Daily Prompts- Unique

To tread the middle path should be the choice

To maintain the balance is important

To know is always better than to assume

We wish to be seen exactly as we are

Yet for others we have different standards

Birds of a feather, we say grouping them

Under a blanket label not seeing their individuality

Normal or average are never the right titles

Unique, distinctive and special are we all

Try to understand the exclusivity each of us has

You will get your bearings right in the world

In response to the following prompts;




Normal, Exactly, Bearings





Word of the day challenge;








27 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Unique

  1. We are all unique in our own way Sadje….. learning to acknowledge our own uniqueness, can be difficult for some…. compassion and kindness encourages us all to project our own selves…

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