Fandango Friday Flashback- Blogging Why I write Poetry

I am sharing this post from 10 July 2019 as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback

When I started my blog, I hadn’t written any poetry before, except what I did in school. And initially I wrote a lot of posts and they were pretty long winded and would sound like I am sermonizing. 

Then I discovered that I can say the same with fewer words and more importantly with more impact in a poem. This made me consider using poetry for getting my message across. 

There are so many wonderful poets here on WordPress, who are well versed in all or many forms of poetry. Some are best at rhyming their thoughts while others are great at different forms with powerful words to express their thoughts. I am just an amateur but even for a person like me, poetry has opened a new opportunity.

I use simple words to put my point across. But the brevity of words make the conveying of message more effective. This is the wonder of verses. Instead of writing paragraphs upon paragraphs, I can express myself in few lines. 

And I also want to express my thanks to the tolerant and generous people here who read my poems and like them. It is this encouragement that has emboldened me to now write most of my content in verse.

So not to seem impertinent, I would advice new bloggers to experiment in this medium too, if you are not doing so already. The people are non-judgmental and no one will criticize your poems! 

What is your favorite style of writing?

Do you feel you can express yourself better in poetry or prose?

Please share your thoughts and feedback in your comments.




24 thoughts on “Fandango Friday Flashback- Blogging Why I write Poetry

  1. One of my favorite attribute of poetry is its economy of language, using just the right words to convey the message without throwing in a lot of extra words. Okay, doesn’t work for epic poetry, but not many people engage in that any more…

    I generally write prose on my blog because I’m trying to publish poetry and most journals won’t consider previously published work, even if the previous publishing only reaches a couple dozen people via my blog. I love that you re-discovered poetry through blogging and support you in expressing yourself poetically. While I have friends who can write in form well, I find that I cannot, other than less restrictive forms like tanka. The great thing about poetry is that it’s about expression, so write on!


  2. I appreciate those who can express themselves using poetry. I wish I had your talent for it, but I am not one who can do that very well, so I stick with prose for the vast majority of my posts.

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  3. Your poetry are very powerful and straightforward and that’s what i basically like about.
    I started writing even as a young kid..till high school and decided to study Journalism. I finished my bachelors degree then but focused on teaching writing rather than writing itself. And it is in this space that i got to do to it.

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