Another thought provoking question; How is difficult is your life?

Rory asked this Question on his blog yesterday;

So today’s question is ….

“We live in a demanding and expectant world – it demands from us each and every day and expects us to accept broadly and blindly and we must move at a certain pace otherwise we are left behind to rot away and gather dust on the shelf and or much worse. We can be branded ancient, antiquated, and backward in our thinking or lack of progressive thinking and thoughts or much worse – so How difficult do you find it to live in today’s demanding and expecting world?”

How you personally interpret that question is reflective upon your journeys through life from the time you started on the trek of comprehension to where you sit today reading this question in my blog.


If I were the same person I was when younger, with more vulnerability and sensitivity, living in this world, I would find it hard.

But with time I have toned down my sensitivity to what people think or expect of me.

It all is down to how comfortable you are in your own skin and with your outlook on life. If you’re not 100% sure about your values in life, you can be influenced by what people think about you and say to you. The same goes for the ease and comfort one has with oneself.

If you are looking for approval and validation from others then you are in for a roller coaster ride.

I have fortunately gained comfort within myself and I find life pretty good. I believe in my values and the opinions and expectations of others do not make my life difficult anymore.

As for the demands of others, I do heed the demands of my family and try to meet them but with the proviso that it’s within my power and capability.

No overstretching myself over things that are beyond my capacity. No worries or stress over the fact that I cannot or won’t conform to the opinion of others.

As they say, you cannot please all the people all the time so don’t look for approval towards others. Look inside and be content with how you perceive yourself.

In short, I am my own person now, thankfully. And find my not difficult at all.

Thank you Rory for asking us these thought provoking questions.



12 thoughts on “Another thought provoking question; How is difficult is your life?

  1. Being comfortable in your skin is so freeing. So much pressure to be the right thing, wear the right thing, say the right thing… then keeping track of what is “right”… ugh! Exhausting! It’s much easier to just be oneself and to check with everyone else’s opinon.💃🏼

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