Discoveries made while wearing the mandatory mask 😷

Nearly all sensible people are now wearing masks when they go out of their homes or interact with people other than their immediate family.

I say nearly, as some people though want to, but cannot wear a mask because of pre-existing medical issues.

So for those of us wearing a mask, there are a lot of advantages;

• You are safer wearing a mask, as compared to when not.

• You cannot infect others with whatever germs you happen to harbor in your respiratory system

• You don’t have to wear a lipstick while going out( that is for most women, maybe some men too!)

• Vanity conscious woman (like me) can go out without undergoing torture of waxing, epilating, threading or plucking facial hair

• If you don’t feel like, you can go out without brushing your teeth even. You’ll be the only one exposed to you own bad breath

• You won’t swallow any unwanted insects while outside

• That detested tobaccos smoke, it loses it power to irritate you when you’re wearing a mask

• Same goes for any unpleasant odors

Things I realize while wearing a mask;

• My nose is too short. It doesn’t gives enough height to the mask which lies very close to my eyes

• I cannot safely eat anything when I am out. It’s either the mask or good/ drink

• I need to verbalize my greetings to passerby as they cannot see my smile

• I can mutter under my breath and no one will know

• It gets sweaty under a mask even when it’s not hot

• Walking uphill with a mask is more difficult than walking downhill

• When you get used to always wearing a mask outside, you’ll immediately notice its absence when you forget it at home

• your glass will fog up instantly when you’re wearing a mask

• Place the glasses on top of the mask to beat this problem

• Not feeling chirpy, no worries, no one will know that you are grimacing or frowning

Have fun while wearing masks.


26 thoughts on “Discoveries made while wearing the mandatory mask 😷

  1. There are too many first responders, virologists and doctors who say the corona virus is not stopped by mask usage.

    I get headaches after two minutes of wearing one, any longer and it’s a migraine. Another person who works with me has a lung condition.

    If someone wants to wear a mask, I’m not going to give him/her a problem unless s/he starts giving me one. 🙂


    1. If you cannot wear a mask you shouldn’t.
      But it is a fact that wearing a mask benefits the other person more than you as you cannot sneeze or cough the virus onto them. So if everyone wore it, the spread can be slowed down.
      Stay safe.

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    1. I would like to get s as designer mask too!
      But with cloth masks, you’ve have to wash them often. A disposable one is good for a day or two and then we can bin it.

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  2. Absolutely ! We are safer with the mask , even if it’s a minimal percentage as some scientists say !
    I relate to most of your points 😊.. except the nose bit! I got a long sharp nose which perfectly holds my mask well 😄

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  3. I have tried everything to keep my glasses from fogging… the only way is to put the mask so it just barely covers the tip of my nose🤷🏼‍♀️
    We should’ve been wearing masks if we had to be in public when ill for years, like a lot of Asian countries do. It’s a courtesy to not spread your kooties around. Now it’s a matter of life and death for some people. Who knows how many of us are asymptomatic carriers?? That’s what concerns me the most.

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    1. I don’t wear corrective glasses but my sunglasses get fogged up with a mask. If I pull the top of mask over the nose and place the glasses on top of it, they get less foggy.

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