Daily Prompts- My garden

The Frondescence of the vegetable patch succors

Not only the body with nutrition but my eyes too

It’s rows of colorful vegetable delight my soul

Plants of all sizes and shapes bearing precious fruit

Tall plants and ground hogging creepers abound

I may be culpable of stealing a few tomatoes

Before they are ready to be harvested in their glory

But it is virtually impossible not to succumb to their offer

It’s a special place where I feast my body and eyes

In response to the following prompts;




Offer, Tall, Special





Word of the day challenge;








30 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- My garden

  1. My tomatoes aren’t ripe yet, but I’ve had various herbs and even some of my lettuce! Each day I counted the blossoms, now I count the green fruit. My peas are climbing and I’ve even got a yellow pepper (though green) growing. The green peppers are still in flower mode. πŸ˜€

    May our gardens continue to delight as they bloom!

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