The Sunday Whirl- Wordle #463 & Sunday Writing Prompt “Fortune Teller”

B Warren is the host of The Sunday Whirl


She stepped in the dark room, keeping her panic at bay. She wanted to be here, to ask the question troubling her mind, yet she dreaded the answer. But might as well do it as she was here now! Taking a deep breath she held out her hand and gave the money to the fortune teller.

This crystal holds all the answers to your future”, said the man in the crazy hat as he took hold of Mandy’s hand.

“I see a cloud on the horizon”, he said in a deep voice. The future is challenging and demands sacrifices from you “

“What sort of sacrifice“, she asked in a low voice.

“You will have to do as I bid you so that I may help you overcome this curse,” the man said as he tried to steal a kiss.

Mandy pushed him back and shouted loudly, you creep! Get away from me. The crystal ball crashed to the floor and broke into many fragments. There was a strange perfume in the air and Mandy fainted as she inhaled it. The fortune-teller quickly moved to bind her hand and feet when a man entered the room.

“This is the last time that you’ve played your game, Marcus! I am arresting you for fraud and kidnapping. This young lady had agreed to expose you and was working for us

So be aware dear readers, most of the fortune-tellers are opportunists trying to hoax us!


Fortune Teller

For today’s prompt you are going to try your hand at fortune telling. Use whatever method you like. Make a prediction

Sunday Writing Prompt- Fortune Teller





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