Daily Prompts- Just as I suspected

It is just as I suspected

Heaps of plastic floating in oceans

Pollution abounds and resources misused

No thoughts of consequences, reckless deeds

Impetuous actions of humans leading to trouble

If all this trash was indoors, in your own homes

You would think twice about creating such a mess

Can you catch a glimpse of the future we are ushering in?

It would be unlike anything you have seen yet

Unless we change our habits of usage,

This is a disaster just waiting to happen

Are you worried yet?

If not you should be!

In response to the following prompts;




Plastic, Indoors, Unlike





Word of the day challenge;








39 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Just as I suspected

      1. After reading several articles about the long-term after effects of this virus I really don’t understand why people are not taking it seriously. I guess they will after it’s too late and a loved one dies or is very sick.

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  1. I used to tell my kids that the solution would be if you throw something not in a trash receptacle, it will jump back and fling to you for the rest of your life. Problem solved.🤪

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  2. This is representative of the Great Garbage Patch. It is amazing how much trash we have and continue to generate. I had the thought that groups should go to some of the countries that have some of the dirtiest beaches. They should collect the plastic bottles and fill them first with junk, then with sand. Then the filled bottles can be used to build walls of structures. Why not?

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