Daily Prompts- Explore the past

Explore the past

Plan an excursion

Glide through the memories

Reject the trivia, immerse in real

The best that you have stored in there

Enjoy the idyllic scenes of the past once again

Discard the unpleasant that happened last week

Revisiting is a process best enjoyed when you

Put on rose-colored glasses and have selective memory

In response to the following prompts ;




Best, Process, Week





Word of the day challenge;








10 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Explore the past

    1. They surely do. But I feel when we look back, sometimes we harp too much on the bad things that have happened. So if we try to ignore that and concentrate on good things, we will be better off.

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  1. Selective memory I think is very much an issue when looking back on memories. Either we dwell on the bad, or we only see what we remember of the good. We should be able to embrace it all as it made us what we are today.

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