Five Things Tuesday

Melanie has stepped in to continue this prompt while Dr. Tanya is taking some time off due to personal bereavement.

She says;

     I love doing “Five Things Tuesday” and so I’m temporarily taking up the challenge for this week.   Dr. Tanya didn’t ask me to officiate, and I hope she won’t be offended that I presumed to do so.   

Today our theme will be five flowers you admire (to give to someone or for yourself).   That should be a relatively easy one, right?

My five favorite flowers to buy, give or grow at home;


I love roses. As they are not only beautiful to look at but also have a very nice fragrance.


I love all types of lilies! They are beautiful, glamorous and if I get them I will be very happy.


These are my birth flowers. I always try to have them around November. If proper care is given they can survive from one season to another.


Who doesn’t love tulips. A few years back I attended the tulip festival in Washington state and was fascinated by their beauty and colors.


I haven’t seen jasmine in the US but in Asia, they are very popular. When in bloom, they produce flowers in profusion and have the sweetest fragrance. People would just pick buds and put them in the room for their lovely aroma.




32 thoughts on “Five Things Tuesday

  1. What a spectacular list of beautiful flowers!! You might find some jasmine, in the Southern United States, where it used to rarely get very cold. But overall? America is far too cold in climate to support jasmine, unless it’s in a green house. I bet it smells BEAUTIFUL too! ❤

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  2. We had jasmine and honeysuckle growing on a trellis the enclosed part of the front porch of the house that was our “family home” when my daughters were growing up. It usually bloomed in late February or early March. The breeze would blow the scent into the house… I loved it. We had roses and a plumeria too.

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