Daily Prompts- No news

Look around and what do you see?

Listen and everywhere the same words echo

Ubiquitous, ever-present, surrounding us

Dogging our footsteps following us around

How can we escape them as each of us is enveloped

News briefs, headlines, breaking news

Is there no way to escape this bombardment of bad news

I try to slip away in my imagination

Shun any newscast, avoid any mention

And yet it always finds me when I least expect

Talking to a friend, and she would say

“Did you hear that news………”

In response to the following prompts;


Any, Brief, Each



Word of the day challenge;






27 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- No news

  1. The news springs up magically on the upper right of my screen.. most of it bad or about sports, which I am totally uninterested in. I am sicker of Trump than I am of Coronavirus! It seems the whole world has gone crazy, but especially the U.S., where kids are having coronavirus parties and all throwing money in the pot and the first one who catches covirus gets the money. The clincher is that they make sure there is always at least one person there who has tested positive for coronavirus. Crazy????

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  2. I can’t stand watching any news since it’s always scary and bad. I like hearing what the weather is doing though. Thanks goodness for old TV sitcoms and the remote control. 🙂

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