What’s Your Story Then # 2-2- The trip

Rory is the host of What’s Your Story Then

Word Story

The letters today;

Topic; The storm


Zoo, Zinc, cold, cajole, loud, Jean, lean, coin, zone, Lad, led, lead


The weather was fine in the morning and all the lads planned a trip to the zoo. Jeff was their leader. Dressed in his new jeans, he led the way. The line to the entrance was small. They paid their coin and excitedly went around looking at all the animals. It was a cold day. As they entered the zone where reptiles were kept, the zinc batteries In Jeff’s camera died. He wanted to look closely at the boa and leaned forward to get a better look. Suddenly the glass wall gave in and Jeff found himself face to face with a huge boa constrictor. He tried to talk to it in a cajoling way but the snake kept on advancing. Lucky for him the zoo admin stepped in quickly for a rescue. The boys thought it was time to head home when with a loud thunder, heaven opened up. It was a storm to remember.




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